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(Pocket-lint) - Lenovo has entered the Chromebook space with the new ThinkPad X131e Chromebook, a new Google OS powered version of the company's X131e laptop, this time aimed at the education market.

Ruggedised and designed to handle a bit of a beating, that you know, students are supposed to give things, the X131e Chromebook will initially be available in the US, although could be available in the UK too - Lenovo tells Pocket-lint it is still working on plans.


The ThinkPad is already sold for the education market running Windows, but this is the first time the ThinkPad will be going Chromebook.

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Lenovo will offer the Chromebook in a customisable state, allowing schools to configure the laptops to suit, but the company has not detailed what those customisations will be.

According to Lenovo: "The 11.6-inch X131e laptop features an Intel processor, a 1366x768 HD LED anti-glare screen, and three USB ports. At less than 4lb 1oz and battery life for the entire school day, students can easily carry the laptop between classes without the need to recharge."

That configuration is different from the Windows-powered machine, which uses AMD processors instead. 

The ThinkPad X131e will be available starting February 26 under special bid for school systems, reports the site.

Lenovo joins Samsung and Acer on the Google OS front, suggesting the Google-powered operating system may be starting to gain traction with manufacturers and customers. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.