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(Pocket-lint) - As expected with most of the computer manufacturers at CES 2012, Lenovo has announced more Ultrabooks for wouldbe slim but powerful laptop buyers to choose from.

The Lenovo IdeaPads U310 and U410 start from £599 making them a much more affordable option than the current top of the line U300s. Naturally, both come with a choice of Intel Core processors, SSD or HDD drives up to 64GB or 500GB respectively, 8 hours of battery life and some interesting fast boot and quick resume technologies. There's also something called Lenovo Smart Update which allows these IdeaPads to update your mailbox, IM chats and social networks automatically even when asleep.

Where the two differ is that the U310 weighs in at 1.7kg and measures 18mm thick whereas the U410 is a slightly chunkier creation at 1.9kg and 20.3mm despite each sporting the same 16:9, 13.3-inch screens. There's built-in wireless streaming technology in each but it's the U410 that comes with a dedicated GeForce 610 1GB graphics system whereas you have to make do with the integrated Intel GMA 3000 HD on the other.

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Both machines will come in a rather pretty array of coloured tops with Aqua Blue, Cherry Blossom, Graphite Gray, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Spearmint all on the agenda.

While it's the Ultrabook U Series that steals the headlines, Lenovo has also unveiled a less glitzy Y Series, S Series and Z Series which, in fact, get less glitzy as the list goes on. The Ys are all about multimedia entertainment. The IdeaPads Y480 and Y580 come with proper GPUs, enhanced audio courtesy of Dolby and JBL and optional TV tuners.

The S Series are high end, good looking netbooks that rather stretch the definition at 11.6 inches. They come packed with dual core mini-processors and 32GB SSDs which help keep the weight down to a tidy 1.3kg. The S series will be available from £299

The Zs are that not-quite-so-happy affordable medium from £499, where style and colour make up for missing some of the key specs like top end Core i processors and solid state drives. They come in 13.3-, 14- and 15.6-inch sizes and feature LED HD displays with 1366x768 resolution.

The Y Series will start at $899 from April, the S Series at $349 from June and the Z Series at $599 from April. The decision, is yours.

Writing by Dan Sung.