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(Pocket-lint) - The Ultrabook frenzy has kicked off. If the scattering of releases in 2011 didn't get you ultra Ultrabook excited then CES is bound to. Already, we've seen LG declaring a skinny duo and now Lenovo has added a couple of models to its range: the PC within a PC ThinkPad X1 Hybrid and the budget friendly ThinkPad T430u.

The Hybrid X1 packs either an Intel i3, i5 or 17 Core chip along with a 13.1-inch Gorilla Glass display. But it's the Hybrid part of the new X1 that intrigues us most. You see, it's not just an Intel chip packed inside but a Qualcomm dual-core one too. The idea being that you can fire up a Linux OS using this for easy access web browsing.

The ThinkPad T430u looks to be a low-end follow up to the U300s that launched last year. 

"The T430u Ultrabook represents the next generation in thin and light computing," said Dilip Bhatia, vice president of Thinkpad at Lenovo. "From small businesses that literally live their life on the road to corporate professionals working in a managed environment, these new crossover laptops fundamentally change the way people think about mobile computing technology."

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It's not the skinniest Ultrabook at 20.3mm (and once again raises the question of just how slim a machine needs to be to be counted as one) and it weighs a fairly hefty 1.8kg. It has an SSD option, a choice of Intel Core CPUs and optional Nvidia graphics.

In the US the Hybrid X1 is expected to cost a minimum of $1,599 when it goes on sale in Q2 of this year. No word on a UK release. The Lenovo ThinkPad T430u will apparently hit the UK in Q3 priced at £545. It's $849 Stateside.

Ultrabooks are set to be huge in 2012. Well, they're set to be little, that's the whole point but you know what we mean. Intel has put its money where its mouth is by investing $300 million into the platform and has estimated that 40 per cent of the laptop market will be made up of these svelte machines by the end of the year.

At this rate that guess could prove conservative...

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.