Lenovo has announced the latest model for its ThinkPad lineup - the ThinkPad Edge 15. With a choice of Intel Core chips available, wireless options and VoIP features, the IT firm states that the Edge has been designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind. Sound a bit dull? That's because it is a bit.

But don't despair because there is more exciting Lenovo news coming from across the pond, where details of a whole host of new desktops and laptops have been announced.

Starting with the most exciting, the touchscreen desktop machine, the A700 (below) uses Surface Acoustic Wave technology for a more responsive touchscreen experience.

Next up is the potential Acer Aspire REVO rivalling IdeaCentre Q150 nettop:

The Q150 is just over 2cm thick and only 17cm tall. With the optional Nvidia Ion graphics chip on board it should be able to handle HD video playback without many problems.

There's also news of new laptops in both the IdeaPad Z and IdeaPad U ranges. We'll bring you more details on all of these machines once UK releases have been confirmed.

For now though, you'll have to make do with the ThinkPad Edge 15, which start from £474. Get yours direct from Lenovo.