Lenovo has finally shown off its "Smartbook" at CES in Las Vegas, as it attempts to bridge the gap between mobile phones and netbooks.

In an entirely new category, the new Qualcomm Snapdragon powered device will run a custom user interface that is geared towards running online widgets rather than a more standard operating system like Windows 7.

The new device will cost $499 when it launches in the States in the coming months, however a spokesperson told Pocket-lint that it is hoping to sign a deal with AT&T to be able to offer it at a subsidised price.

Tech specs include a 10.1-inch screen, SD and MicroSD card reader and a customised USB thumb drive storage space beneath the screen.

While the device will run on Lenovo's own custom user interface called Lenovo ME, a spokesman for the company said that it was already working closely with Google and the device could easily be set to run the new Chrome OS due out in November.

"You will need to be online to be able to get the most from the widgets", a spokesman told Pocket-lint, something that shouldn't be a problem thanks to the built in 3G SIM card and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The device was first leaked by Qualcomm before Christmas, but it has taken until now to show a final version of the product.