Kodak has just dropped us word of a couple printers - the ESP 3250 and ESP 5250 - which are on their way to the market. Both are inkjets, and all-in-ones, which mean that they don't just print - they also copy and scan.

Both models print, according to the company, up to 30 pages per minute in greyscale, and 29 pages per minute in colour. They've also both got paper trays that automatically adjust to the paper size you've got stuffed into them.

Where they differ, though, is in features. The 3250 has a 1.5-inch colour LCD and memory card slot. Whereas the 5250 has a 2.4-inch LCD and memory card capability, alongside built-in Wi-Fi for cable-less printing.

Both printers should be available shortly. The 3250 costs £90, and the 5250 will set you back more like £130. Ink costs £7 for black and £10 for five-ink colour.