This is the monster of all chips - the Intel six-core Xeon 7400 processor.

Joining the chip series, that was codenamed "Dunnington", this is expected to be the last of the Penryn family as Intel is soon to move over to a new chip tech, or processor architecture, called Nehalem.

A four-quad-core chip was already available, but this latest chip is basically made up of three dual-core Penryn processors packed onto a single processor die.

Intel has used what it calls a 45-nanometer (as opposed to a 65-nanometer) process to make the new chip, which means that the features on a chip are smaller and it uses less power.

What this means for the consumer is faster machines.

The 7400 series processors has added a 16MB level 3 cache, which means performance is boosted, especially for memory hungry applications.