In amongst the announcements from the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), the chaps at Ars Technica have spotted something that could suggest new processors for mini-notebooks are on the way.

Intel says in a press release: "Perlmutter also introduced the company's second-generation dual-core mobile processors for increasingly popular ultra thin and light notebook PCs".

The web has been alive with the rumour that an update to the MacBook Air may be on the way, and this uses the Intel Merom processor, which is significantly smaller than a standard mobile processor.

Says Ars Tehnica: "Intel also compressed the 965 chipset and, in doing so, reduced the total CPU + chipset footprint by about 60%".

But is there more to come?

Lenovo's X301 and HP's 2530p have the new Centrino processor and, adds Ars Technica, Intel is also introducing a pair of 10W processors: the SU9400 (1.4GHz) and SU9300 (1.2GHz).

And will these be part of a whole host of new notebooks?

Who knows as yet, but it's fun guessing what dinky devices, Intel powered or not, could be on the roadmap.