Intel has announced a new technology that will allow your computer to wake up from sleep mode to accept phone calls or requests to access data.

The new technology called "Remote Wake" will be available next month and allow users to turn their computer into a glorified answering machine when they are away.

The technology will be available on select Intel 4 Series Express Chipsets-based PCs equipped and can be accessed via any internet connected device (such as laptop, cell phone, or mobile internet device) through the use of an enabled third-party application or service.

Intel hopes that the feature will be used to enable remote access to stored files and media and remote downloads on the target PC if it that PC is turned off giving you freedom from your PC at home or the office.

To kick off the new technology, Intel has turned to Jajah, the internet telephony company, to allow customers to access the companies telephony support system.

The "enabled" PC will have direct access to Jajah’s network giving people the chance to make and receive phone calls across the world - with computer to computer calls for free.