UK hosting company Bytemark has found a different use for Intel's Atom platform than the chip-maker planned.

The Intel Atom was designed as a low-power, low-cost processor for small form factor PCs, such as netbooks and nettops, but Bytemark is using the chip in servers.

The 1.6GHz 230 is being employed in dedicated Linux-running servers with the main benefits being both cost and power reduction.

An Atom-based box with 2GB of memory and a pair of 100GB SATA drives costs £45 a month to rent, compared to £60 for a more usual set-up.

Bytemark's Matthew Bloch states: "Atom might not do for your HD TV playback or gaming, but when it comes to pricing servers in the data centre, where electricity prices are still marching north, the Atom's 6W board is king".