Intel is planning to introduce a rival technology to Bluetooth with its next platform, Centrino 2, next year.

Wi-Fi PAN, a low-power "Wi-Fi Personal Area Network", developed by Ozmo Devices, a Californian wireless company, offers the same kind of connectivity as Bluetooth does, but using an existing Wi-Fi network.

Demoed at the Computex event, Wi-Fi PAN will let users to connect their laptops and phones to accessories such as wireless headsets, keyboards and mice through a standard Wi-Fi network, removing the need for a separate Bluetooth antenna or dongle.

As well as Intel testing the tech with its "Cliffside" development, "major" peripheral manufacturers such as Belkin are are actively sampling the technology too.

Dave Timm, Ozmo Devices' CEO says: "Wi-Fi has emerged as the wireless technology of choice, both at home and in the office. By leveraging the Wi-Fi chip that’s already in so many mobile platforms, we’re able to natively deliver wireless peripheral connectivity".