A new product has been launched specifically for laptop users who work from their lap.

Called the LapGuard, the device promises to protect your legs and your nether regions from getting too hot after prolonged laptop use.

Following government warnings and the industry now referring to them at notebooks so you don't think that you can put them on your lap, the LapGuard is a laptop protection heat absorber, which will protect you from dangerous heat penetration.

According to its makers, the LapGard has a "multicore construction" which prevents electro-magnetic waves and radiation, supposedly stopping everything from heat to Wi-Fi signals frying you.

Coming in sizes to fit 12-15-inch laptops the protector comes in a brown leather-look finish, and has an adjustable Velcro spacer bar to hold your laptop comfortably and securely.

Those worried about it blocking your computers air vents shouldn't, as LapGuard allows proper ventilation for your laptop at all times.

Available from www.ampsl.co.uk, it costs £19.99.