Intel has responded to antitrust charges levelled at it by the European Commission.

Although the charges and Intel's response are confidential, Reuters is reporting that Intel is to seek a hearing.

Intel has taken advantage of its right to have its case aired before a hearing officer, in a closed-room review. The hearing officer will make no decision but will report directly to Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

It is expected that it will be several months before a hearing takes place.

Intel had originally been due to give its response to the EU accusations last Friday but asked for an extension its second as the original deadline was in October.

The Antitrust Commission charged Intel in July last year with slashing prices below cost and offering huge rebates in an illegal attempt to drive smaller competitor Advanced Micro Devices Inc out of the market, continues Reuters.

Intel is denying this, and its general counsel said in July that Intel followed the law and that the Commission had made mistakes in its charge sheet.

The Commission has the power to fine companies up to 10% of their global annual revenues for competition abuses.