Thanks to Intel's new Centrino Duo Mobile technology Evesham are boasting revolutionary mobile performance, freedom and improved battery life with the new Evesham C515SR and C535S notebooks.

Intel's Centrino Duo Mobile technology gives you the power of dual-core processing to optimise running multiple demanding applications simultaneously for quicker computing while enhanced sleep state, among other features, improves overall battery life, powering down both the CPU cores and the chipset during idle times.

The new Voyager C535S can switch between single threaded and multithreaded tasks with the Intel Centrino Duo Mobile technology that performs ideally in a mobile entertainment platform. Multimedia enthusiasts and gamers alike can enjoy quick responsiveness and advanced battery saving features to enjoy digital entertainment on the go like never before.

The new C535S is crammed with entertainment features. Its 15.4-inch WXGA X-bright Widescreen display is the perfect back drop for playing the latest games or watching blockbuster movies, whilst 256MB NVIDIA 8600 graphics with DX10 support take care of stunning, high quality visuals and enable you to play the eagerly awaited DX10 games. A built in Media Card Reader enables you to transfer all of your saved pictures and videos to the C535S for editing or storage using either the whopping 120GB HDD or the Dual Layer DVDRW drive.

The C535S includes a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 CPU with 800MHz FSB which is complemented with 2GBs DDR II RAM and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. The C535S also includes 1GB Intel Turbo Memory which works hand in hand with the DRAM to speed up large applications, multi-tasking and Vista boot times. Cleverly learning and adapting to your computing habits, Intel's new Turbo Memory can increase the performance of your notebook by up to 20 percent.

The new Voyager C515SR with Intel Centrino Duo Mobile technology combines leading battery life, optimised power efficient computing and low power consumption to give you the freedom of computing on the move.

A 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 processor allows you to do more at once without compromising on power and a 15.4-inch WXGA Widescreen display helps you to view more than one application at a time.

The C515SR helps you stay connected and to communicate with the office, friends or family with Wireless Mini PCIe 802.11ag (54Mbps) LAN, whilst a media card reader makes it easy to transfer data and files between the office computer and your laptop for on the road.

The Voyager C515SR is £669 and the Voyager C535S is £849, both are available now from