Intel has upgraded its latest chip offering for laptops and notebooks with the launch of the Intel Centrino Pro chip boasting greater video playback, up to 5x faster wireless and greater support for manageability and security improvements.

Originally codenamed Santa Rosa, the new chip, which is rolling out in laptops from Toshiba, HP, Sony, Lenovo and Evesham over the next couple of weeks promises the same elements of the company's vPro chip found in desktop models but for laptop users.

The new Intel Centrino Pro chip promises to improve speed performance as well as support for wireless connectivity.

The chip also includes built in security and management technology that allows the chip to block inbound attacks as well as filtering to isolate infected clients.

The system also allows IT managers to discover, diagnose and repair problems with the computer, regardless of its state (i.e. a blue screen of death) without having to visit the machine.

Intel hope the new features will reduce costs and time in managing computers in the field.