For those wishing and praying for a tiny tablet PC with HSDPA connectivity, Holbe Dialogue may have just the device for you: the Flybook V33i Lux Pro.

The embedded HSDPA module promises top download speeds of 1.8Mbps, but that’s if you can connect to an HSDPA network, which at the moment, aren’t that widespread.

The Flybook is ultra-portable, called a “sub-laptop” as it’s under A4 size and weights less than a kilogram.

Additional connectivity options built in to the tiny device include 54mbps Wi-Fi, GSM EDGE connectivity, LAN, Bluetooth, 3G/UMTS, and GPRS.

Windows XP Professional is included, and it’s powered by 1GB (upgradeable to 2GB) RAM, and hard drives from 40GB to 120GB. Additional interfaces include 2 USB2.0 ports, 2 FireWire ports, a video out, VGA output, fax modem port, PCMCIA slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo speakers, and a built-in microphone.

There is a tradeoff for all this portability and that is the price, which starts at £2350.