After 37 years, computer chip manufacturer Intel is due to formally announce that it will change its logo next week, ditching the “Intel Inside” slogan in the process.

The image change, which is to coincide with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week is aimed at showing consumers that Intel isn't just about PC chips anymore.

The company, thought to be making the change because of its diversifying markets, will go with the new slogan of “Leap Ahead” instead of “Intel Inside”.

The main difference with the new logo is the dropping of the 'e' and the introduction of an oval swirl similar to its “Intel inside” logo. The design is still blue on a white background.

According to BusinessWeek magazine, the company will spend over $2.5 billion on marketing the new brand in the next year, however the magazine failed to suggest where they got this number from.

Pocket-lint will be attending the show in America from the 5-8 January 2006 with news updates from the show across the 4 days.