Intel has updated its laptop computer chips with a new faster chip with improved multimedia features today as predicted. The new Centrino chip, formerly codenamed “Sonoma” will become the centrepiece of Intel's mobility group.

New improvements include greater wifi strength, more integrated support for better graphics and sound and faster microprocessor speeds. It chip will also include support for faster connections to peripherals like external data storage through a technology called PCI Express.

The chips, due to be launched last year have been delayed by a couple months because of a technical glitch, are expected to appear in over 80 notebook models immediately and a further 70 more models by the summer.

However as some commentators have already pointed out, there will be no difference in the product labelling between the current range and the new version launched today which is likely to cause confusion for the uneducated user.

Our advice is if you are buying a new laptop in the next couple of months check first to see which Centrino chip you are getting before you put your money down.