Intel has launched a free Wi-Fi for Dummies guide that explains how to benefit from wireless internet access as a survey carried out by the chip manufacturer reveals that only one-third of UK adults know what this technology term is.

According to the survey held last month, only 34 percent of us know what Wi-Fi even though hotels, airports, coffee bars and other places are trying to educate the masses to the cause.

More interestingly the survey found that Whilst the ‘Wi-Fi word' is spreading rapidly, there are still some gaps in the UK's knowledge - 7% of people surveyed believed ‘Wi-Fi' to be cockney slang for ‘wife', 4% thought it might be an exotic fruit and 3% were sure it was a place in Japan.

Even more interesting was the gap in the north south knowledge divide with a wireless-savvy South East, half of those surveyed (49%) understanding the term ‘Wi-Fi' - but a North East figure of only 22%.

To aid this rapid growth in knowledge, and help people understand that Intel wants to push the wireless world here in the UK, Intel is launching a new guide from the popular ‘Dummies' series of books. ‘Wi-Fi For Dummies' is available free of charge from today in all PC World and Dixons stores throughout the UK. The 30 page guide simply explains how people can integrate Wi-Fi technology into their lives to give them more freedom and flexibility at work and at play. Topics covered include: How to install a Wi-Fi network, Keeping your Wi-Fi network secure, How to find and use a public hotspot.