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(Pocket-lint) - Intel launched more than 50 processors during its CES 2021 presentation, but the most eye-catching reveal came at the end - a new processor generation for late 2021 is very much on the cards. 

Codenamed Alder Lake, the 12th generation Intel Core processors are yet another enhancement to existing Intel tech based on the 10nm SuperFin design rather than smashing down barriers - the move to 7nm is still a way off

Again there's the ARM-like decision to have both high performance and high-efficiency cores in a single package to cater for all types of computing demand.

IntelIntel trails its 12th gen Core chips for late 2021 photo 2

The cores are all-new though, codenamed Golden Lake and Gracemont (Intel does have some great codenames). Intel says the new platform will boast faster transistors, too. 

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Intel says these new chips will be a "significant breakthrough", adding they are "power-scalable" - that means they can be used across the entire lineup potentially, from desktops to thin-and-light ultraportable laptops.

That's very much something that we're seeing from Qualcomm with Snapdragon and Apple with its own ARM-based chips - similar chips powering everything from phones to performance laptops. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.