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(Pocket-lint) - Tile has announced it is working with Intel to integrate its Bluetooth tracking tech into laptops and other devices using Intel hardware. The partnership could allow owners of Intel devices to easily locate lost items using Tiles technology.

Tile works using Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing your phones to recognise and connect to Bluetooth tags. In the traditional sense, these are the Tile devices, but in more recent years, Tile has partnered with many companies to bring this connectivity to other products like Sennheiser Momentum headphones, for example.

It means that - once the Tile app on your phone is connected to a product - it will be able to alert you to the location of that device and sound an audible alarm to help you find it. If you misplace something around the house, you'll easily be able to find things using this method.

The technology goes a step further, allowing the Tile network of users to locate lost items. Say, for example, you leave your laptop in a coffee shop and the staff put it behind the counter, your Tile app would tell you that the last location your phone saw the laptop was at the coffee shop and you can go back and find it. 

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Equally, if someone walks off with your laptop, you can still trace it, because you can alert the Tile network to a missing item - then any other phone running the Tile app can report when it detects that laptop. This all happen anonymously so it's not a risk to your privacy, but it can help you get reunited with things you might have lost.

Tile says that 6 million unique items are located every day through the Tile network - and through integration with a wider range of devices, that network could expand even further - especially given the number of notebooks that Intel hardware is in. 

The partnership with Intel builds on Tile's first trackable laptop, the HP Elite Dragonfly, saying that we'll start to see Intel hardware offering Tiles integration later in 2020. Of course, the partnership doesn’t mean that all Intel laptops will work with Tile - the manufacturer using that hardware will have enable it for the customers to get that benefit.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 6 May 2020.