During Intel's CES 2014 keynote, senior vice-president Mooly Eden said it would take only12 years for the company to make a processor that features as many transistors as there are neurons in a human brain. The fourth-generation Intel Core processor already runs much more quickly, he said, and by 2026 the future version will also be able to run as many processes too.

In 1971, the first-gen Intel processor sported 2,300 transistors and ran at 740,000Hz. The latest fourth-gen Intel Core processor has 1.7billion transistors and runs as 3,000,000,000Hz. The brain of a home sapien has 100billion neurons and runs at roughly (according to Intel) 1,000Hz.

What this means for computing thought processes is yet to be known, but it will be cool finding out.

The company demonstrated its RealSense 3D camera technology during the event, which is small enough to fit into a tablet or laptop lid, yet can emulate much of the motion control abilities of Microsoft's Kinect and other similar devices.

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