Along with a host of new fourth-generation processors for Ultrabooks, two-in-ones and tablet devices, Intel has announced the Creative Senz3D peripheral camera, a Kinect-style device that allows you to control your PC using short-range gesture and voice commands.

Coming in the next quarter (between July and September), the accessory uses 3D depth perception, much like Microsoft's Kinect device. It also has facial recognition capabilities, so can potentially be used for security purposes, and is designed to go hand-in-hand with other "perceptual computing" technologies, such as touchscreens.

intel lifts lid on creative senz3d peripheral camera kinect for your ultrabook image 2

The separate camera device - which looks a bit like a webcam - will be the first to use the Intel technology, but the company plans to introduce the 3D depth tech directly into future Intel-based devices for the second quarter of 2014.

Then you'll just be able to open your Ultrabook or switch on your tablet and the Senz3D technology will be instantly available, thanks to being fully integrated.