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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's MacBooks may soon get a 50 per cent boost in battery life once Intel releases its new line-up of Core processors.

Haswell, the successor to Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture found in current MacBooks, will apparently reduce power consumption by half, according to a new report by PC World.


Intel tends to update its product line-up every two years, so many expect Haswell to be a great refresh since Ivy Bridge was just a minor improvement over Sandy Bridge. The new chips are expected to unveil at Taipei's Computex trade show in just a few weeks, so one could assume the processors will land in MacBooks shortly after.

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Rani Borkar, Intel's vice-president and general manager, announced during a media briefing on Thursday that Haswell chips were specifically "designed with laptops in mind". He also notably said the chips would provide longer battery life without hurting performance.

The new chips will even extend battery life by up to 20 times when in idle or standby mode. Aside from power consumption, Intel claimed Haswell would significantly boost integrated graphics capabilities by doubling or tripling graphics performance.

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There are many reports circulating that suggest Apple will update its MacBook line at WWDC in June, and the new laptops are widely expected to feature Intel's latest family of processors. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.