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(Pocket-lint) - Intel has teamed up with Nuance to bring voice dictation to the next wave of Ultrabooks expected to launch over the coming months.

Like Apple's Siri and Google's Voice search offerings on mobile phones, the new software will let laptop users talk to their computer, asking it to do set tasks such as searching the internet or tweeting out a message.

Announced at the Intel Developer Forum in the US, the new Nuance Dragon Assistant Beta is a voice assistant application for the Intel-inspired Ultrabooks and the first offering resulting from the two companies’ strategic collaboration announced at CES 2012 in January. 

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Dadi Perlmutter, Intel chief product officer, demonstrated Dragon Assistant Beta at the IDF in San Francisco. The company has confirmed the Dell XPS13 Ultrabook will be among the first PCs to ship with Dragon Assistant Beta before Christmas 2012.

Dragon Assistant uses Nuance’s core Dragon voice technology and innovative natural language understanding capabilities to provide people with an easy and intuitive way to engage and interact with their devices, the two companies explained. Users will be able to say, "Hello Dragon" to awaken Dragon Assistant, and from there, just speak to search the web. Intel suggests people will be able to say, “Search YouTube for Justin Bieber” - although we would recommend against saying that out loud. When finished using Dragon Assistant, simply say, “Go to sleep” for the application to stop listening.

“Dragon Assistant is a direct result of Nuance and Intel’s vision for a more human, natural interaction between people and their technology," said Peter Mahoney, chief marketing officer, Nuance Communications. "You speak and the Ultrabook responds. Working closely with Intel, we’ve created a voice assistant experience optimised for the Ultrabook – incredibly fast, reliable, and with the performance you expect from a combined Nuance-Intel innovation. Dragon Assistant drives productivity, creativity and simply a PC experience that fits today’s busy lifestyle.” 

The new tech is just one of the many new toys Intel has so far shown off at the forum. Others include highlighting the range of convertible laptops announced at IFA from companies like Dell and Asus, and as well as including NFC in your laptop, so you can tap your credit card on your computer to pay for things. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.