Geeks can be cultured too you know. At least that is what Intel thinks, with its re-imagined digital version of Matisse's masterpiece Dance.

The piece is to be shown as part of London's Design Festival and will be making an appearance in fixie-bike filled Shoreditch between the 22 and 25 September. 

Maxence Parache has built an "interactive particle cloud projection", using Intel processors which essentially is a virtual reality Matisse experience. In order to view the exhibit you will need to don a Tron-like helmet and in theory then be able to interact with the circle of dancers.

Amongst the other high tech works shown at London Design Festival will be a sculpture, sound and animation version of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" and a moving image version of the Venus De Milo. 

“The Remastered project has allowed Intel to unlock the creative potential of technology and show that a mouse can be as effective as a paintbrush in design. We hope our technology can be a muse for the next generation of artists and help shape art in the digital age”. said Intel's UK and Ireland marketing director Gail Hanlon.

We thought about entering our best efforts with Microsoft Paint but thought perhaps our masterpieces were best kept secret. 

Those interested should find the tech powered art making an appearance at the Tent London Showcase at this years London Design Festival.