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(Pocket-lint) - We've all had a go on one of those self-checkouts at the supermarket. And, although it's often a preferable option than going face-to-face with some of the "glamorous" check-out ladies, it's usually an arduous affair that ends up taking much longer than the traditional method.

But improvements to the self checkout system could be on the way, following a demo from Intel of its brilliantly futuristic looking touchscreen kiosk.


The system, with its glass finish and spaceship style curves, is powered by Intel's Core2Duo processors, complete with vPro technology, and it uses an solid-state drive for a quicker response time.

The kiosk won't just be for checking-out and paying for items, you'll also be able to scroll through similar items, history and recommendations. When you do decide to pay, you'll simply have to swipe your card over the counter, or you could even pay using your mobile phone.

There are no details as to when we might be seeing this curvy looking kiosk appearing in stores at present, although Intel state that retailers don't have to take the complete system - it can be customised for their needs.

One other thing we like about it - it looks as if it would be a pretty comfy chair for a very tall person.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.