Sure, processors aren't the most exciting bit of kit in the world, but with graphics-rich 3D gaming and HD video editing becoming more of an everyday occurrence for tech fans, the news that Intel has released a multi-core 3.2GHz chip may just have some readers on the edge of their seats - maybe.

The Intel Core i7-970 is a hexacore (that's 6-core for all of you readers who didn't pay attention during maths) 3.2GHz Gulftown processor that has 12MB of L3 cache and has 64-bit, hyper-threading and virtualisation technology support.

We're guessing that you'll be able to ramp up the 3.2GHz using Intel's Turbo Boost functionality as well.

If you're keen to have a mega-processor in your machine then you can order the Intel Core i7-970 now, Ebuyer are knocking it out for £726.67 and it's available at lots of other places too, with prices ranging from £705 - £943.