It's non stop over in Taipei where Computex 2010 is underway. We've been bringing you all the news regarding a whole host of new Asus devices and we also just told you about Nvidia's 3D PC plans.

Now it's the turn of Intel to get in on the action as they unleash its latest Atom microprocessor line-up. We think the Intel boys must have been having a camping jolly-up when they came up with the new monikers. First up is the Oak Trail, then the Tunnel Creek and finally the Canoe Lake.

Oak Trail is a Windows 7, Chrome- and Android-friendly Atom system chip that is also compatible with the MeeGo OS that Intel and Nokia have worked together on.

Tunnel Creek combines a variety of chips into a single, low-cost chip that can fit in small devices. It will let other chip manufacturers connect their chips to an Intel processor.

Most excitingly is Canoe Lake which was demoed as a prototype of the "world's thinnest netbook". At just 14mm thick it contained a 50 per cent thinner than usual dual core, Pine Trail, Atom processor.

Atom processors are low powered and are designed for small devices such as netbooks, smartphones and tablets. Intel recently stated that its latest Atom chips will use 50 times less power during idle operation.

Are you a netbook user? Do you find that the Atom chips have enough fizzle for your shizzle? Let us know using the comments below.