Intel's Moblin UI, demonstrated at Mobile World Congress back in February, and Nokia's Maemo OS have been mashed up together into a combined project called MeeGo, which the two companies have started to show off.

Version 1.0 of the software looks pretty minimalist, with icons offering access to tabs containing mail, the web, settings, and PDA functionality. There's taskbar alerts for social networking apps, and support for 3D games, as well as integration with a whole host of other devices.

That integration can be seen in the video above, with Intel demonstrating how a video being watched on a phone can be switched to being played on a TV live, saving your position. Very useful if you're watching something on a bus, and then you want to watch it on your television when you get home.

While we can't make a final judgement until we actually spend some time with a handset or laptop running MeeGo, for now the platform seems quietly promising. When we hear more about the company's plans, we'll let you know.