It seems Samsung is not the only company to reveal app store plans at CES, as Intel has unveiled, a new online marketplace offering widgets for netbooks.

Partnering with Acer, Asus, Dell, and Samsung, at this stage, the store is now live in beta, although only for Atom-toting Windows-based netbooks, a move that will no doubt see howls of protest from Linux-based netbook owners.

Apps for open source Moblin-based operating systems are incoming in the future - but only for Atom-powered devices.

While Apple's App Store recently hitting the 3 billion download mark for iPhone apps shows there is demand for mobile phone apps, it will be interesting to see if consumer clamour for similar options for their portable PCs.

The first applications - that Intel says will ultimately span business, education, entertainment, games, health, socialising and other categories - are now available for free download and purchase.

"Many more apps will be added to beta store over time", says Intel, while plans for apps for other Intel Atom processor-based handheld devices, such as smartphones, consumer electronic appliances, TVs and more, are talked up as a possibility in the future.