With its phone launch event set for 27 March in Paris it was thought that Huawei could give Mobile World Congress a swerve this year. It was likely to have some presence at the trade show, but not to launch anything specifically.

That, however, seems to have been far from the mark.

It has tweeted that it will be in Barcelona for MWC 2018 and will host its own press event on the Sunday prior.

We doubt there will be any new smartphones - the Huawei P20 will still be the focus of the Parisian launch, we think - but the Chinese manufacturer will unveil at least two new products. It is said to be announcing a couple of MateBooks.

If you watch the gif posted by the official Huawei Twitter feed you can see a couple of notebook figures dancing across the screen, which is a very strong clue.

Huawei will possibly also expand upon its future plans for 5G, IoT and artificial intelligence technologies. Some are even suggesting we'll see a new smartwatch; maybe the Huawei Watch 3.

Whatever it decides to launch, you will be able to catch up with all the news here on Pocket-lint. We'll be in Barcelona to bring you the latest as it happens.