HP is changing the way it delivers inkjet cartridges to customers to simplify purchase and make finances more manageable.

Beginning this year, most new HP consumer printers will be introduced with multiple inkjet cartridge options designed to give options to consumers printing needs.

The new cartridge options will apparently offer value by lowering prices for people who print a little, and lower cost-per-page to those who print a lot.

HP is rolling out a new colour-coded packaging system across its entire inkjet cartridge range. It will be colour coded, so take note of the options: standard (blue), value (green) and specialty (red).

“Standard” cartridges (blue packaging), will have a lower purchase price, designed for customers who print a small number of pages on a weekly or monthly basis. HP will introduce an increasing number of standard cartridge offerings in the $14.99 price range for those customers who still want access to high-quality printing, but don’t want to pay a lot at the point of purchase.

“Value” cartridges (green packaging), which are designed for customers with higher volume printing needs, offer a lower cost per page compared to standard cartridges. This line will include new high-yield “XL” cartridges that is understood to provide customers approximately 30-45% savings on a cost-per-page basis, print up to three times more pages, and require fewer cartridge replacements compared to standard cartridges.

“Specialty” cartridges (red packaging), which offer additional performance features compared to HP’s standard ink formulations, are ideal for customers with special applications and printing jobs, such as professional-quality photographs.

We will keep you posted on UK rollout.