HP has announced two new models of its HP TouchSmart all-in-one PC. Both models – along with the HP Pavilion dv3 touch – will run version 3.0 of HP's TouchSmart software.

New highlights of the software include the TouchSmart Canvas, which will let you organise and edit photos by touch and TouchSmart Live TV which gives you the sort of functions you'd expect from a PVR, with the ability to pause live TV and record from the EPG.

The HP TouchSmart 600 will feature a 23-inch Full HD display, with Nvidia GeForce graphics, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB RAM and 1TB hard drive.

As a fully featured PC the TouchSmart 600 will come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a Blu-ray drive and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

An HDMI port gives you to option of connecting an Xbox 360 or PS3, to use the TouchSmart as you would a regular HD TV.

The smaller TouchSmart 300 has a 20-inch HD-Ready display, will come with an AMD processor and ATI Radeon graphics, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, Wi-FI and Windows 7.

The HP TouchSmart 600 will cost you £1199.99 and the 300 will cost you £899.99.

The updated Pavilion dv3 now comes with Windows 7, with a new HP Imprint finish - Modern Vintage - and a matching slip case. The new HP Pavilion dv3 will cost you £799.