In the States, HP has launched new MediaSmart home servers that offer auto backup for Macs as well as working with the company's more traditional Windows-based PC market.

Said to be launched as a result of strong sales of Macs in North America, HP has adapted its MediaSmart Windows home servers to back up Mac computers using the OS X's Time Machine.

"This makes the Mac a first-class citizen", said Glenn Roberts, a product marketing manager at HP.

The new EX485 and EX487 models mean that Mac users no longer have to back-up manually, whilst offering a rejigged interface as well as music and photo streaming from remote locations.

With an Intel Celeron processor and 2Gb of RAM, the EX485, that costs $599, comes with 750GB of storage, while the $749 EX487 has 1.5TB.

In the US, the new machines go on pre-order on 5 January, and are due to ship in February.