HP actually previewed its Q4 results a week before revealing the actual figures, which was a sure sign that it's fairly chuffed with its financial situation.

Following the weeks of doom and gloom from other manufacturers, HP reported its revenue for Q4 was $33.6 billion, up 19% year on year.

Says Ars Technica, some of this can be attributed to Electronics Data Systems (EDS), which HP bought earlier this year.

Without taking EDS into account, HP's growth rate was 5% year on year.

The company's gross operating margin did fall, however, but only by 1.1%, and net earnings were down $0.1billion from the previous year.

Mark Hurd of HP commented on the results: "HP capped off a strong year by delivering another solid quarter led by strength in our services segment and disciplined expense management. Our global reach, broad portfolio, numerous cost initiatives and consistent execution differentiate HP in the current economic environment".

And he seems to be right - the company grew its revenue in all of the geographic areas it operates in during Q4: revenue in the Americas was up 17%, 22% in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (MEA), and 14% in Asia/Pacific.

Sales of notebooks have been particularly strong (up 21% revenue wise from 2007) although desktop computer revenue is down slightly by 2%.

But next year isn't looking so rosy - the company expects "an unfavourable year-over-year currency impact on revenue of approximately 5% in the first quarter and roughly 6-7% for the full fiscal year".