HP has announce the launch of a new range of Pavilion laptops on Tuesday that are geared toward the more fashion conscious set rather than though in it for the long haul.

The new models will be the 14-inch HP Pavilion dv4-1000 special edition, the 13.3-inch dv3500, the dv5 and dv7, as well as two Compaq Presario models; the 17-inch CQ7-100 and the 15.6-inch CQ60-100.

All feature limited edition prints on their casings and promise to give you an "elegance" around the home or the office.

Clearly hoping that it can convince consumers to upgrade their laptop every year with the latest fashion collections, HP's Achim Kuttler admitted that the new models, with their fashion focused coverings, weren't designed to have a long shelf life in terms of looks.

The new models will come in a variety of designs with names like "Intersect" and "Intensity" will feature the usual array of tech goodies such as Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, HDMI sockets,Intel processors and HP's MediaSmart software.

Pricing for the dv4-1000 will start from £899, for the dv3500 £850, and the dv5 and dv7 £649 and £699 respectively.

The new Compaq models will start from £399. All models will be available by the middle of October.