HP has said that it plans to bring its TouchSmart software and technology to its laptop range.

Citing "Soon", Eric Cador, senior vice president for the Personal Systems Group at HP in Europe toyed with journalists at a European consumer event in London as the company launched a new TouchSmart desktop PC.

While Cador wouldn't put a date on the launch, the comments and candour of the senior VP suggested we could see new models as early as CES in January.

Meanwhile Cador also quashed rumours that the company was developing an operating system to go up against Microsoft.

"We are not developing an operating system", Cador confirmed a number of times to journalists at the event. HP believes the rumours have started due to the work the company has done with the TouchSmart interface that allows users to load applications on their computer from software designed to make the most of the touch interface.

We will keep you posted.