HP has revealed the Voodoo Omen PC, a seriously high-end desktop computer with a starting price of $7000.

Upping the exclusive stakes even further, initially, the new Voodoo Omen will be available by invitation only to customers who have previously purchased a Voodoo PC with general availability planned to follow later this summer.

The new PC features vertical diffusion thermals that HP says means power of natural convection currents is harnessed for advanced cooling and quiet acoustics.

There's an auxiliary LCD - a 7-inch built-in display that works as a full-function secondary display.

The PC also gets advanced liquid cooling with copper cooling pipes embedded in the chassis, aircraft-quality quick-release hose connectors, combined in what's apparently "one of the most advanced liquid cooling systems on the planet".

Tool-less architecture, with side panels, hard drives, video cards and other critical components can be removed without tools will appeal to modders while the top-loading cables that plug into the system under a removable top panel, means a clean exterior design.

In addition, customers can add the finishing touches to their Voodoo Omen via a palette of Voodoo Allure paint colour choices and a selection of Voodoo Ink designs and Voodoo Iconograph pattern.