Hewlett Packard has unveiled the HP Blackbird 002 - their first PC system to be created in conjunction with VoodooPC and offering their expertise in gaming PC design and architecture.

Th result, they say, is a desktop that delivers the look, versatility and performance gamers and high-end PC enthusiasts crave.

The HP Blackbird 002 boasts an aluminum chassis and a cast-aluminum foot and features patented, full system liquid-cooling that HP says will keep it running cool in even the most heated head-to-head gaming scenarios.

"Gaming PCs have always been accessible to only a few. By combining our acquisition a year ago of gaming leader Voodoo with innovations from HP Labs, we bringing the gaming experience to the mainstream", said an HP spokesperson.

"Now more and more people can have a no-compromise computer from HP and, as with our broad lineup of new products, the design is beautiful inside and out."

The system's removable side panel, completely open BIOS, and interior and back panel LED lighting make it convenient for gamers to get inside the machine for performance tuning.

In the States, customers can begin purchasing a limited-edition system called HP Blackbird 002 Dedication Edition starting September 15th, and from October 1st, customers will also be able to configure their own HP Blackbird 002.

Pricing is dependent on configuration and will range from approximately $2500 to $7100.