HP's Home Server based on Microsoft's Windows Home Server platform has finally seen the light of day in the US.

Although announced at CES in January, the company has still yet to get the product out of the door here in the UK or in America. All that is about to change with a listing on Amazon.

According to reports from retailers like Amazon and PCMall, the $599 EX470 (clocking in at 500GB) and and $749 EX475 (1TB) will begin shipping on September 15th.

Here in the UK and HP has no news as to when the product is launching or even a price when it does.

Based on Microsoft's new Windows Home Server platform and an AMD processor, the server enables users the chance to save digital assets and back up their PC or Apple Mac on a centralise drive that can be accessed at any time.

The new model, which HP told Pocket-lint would be available in the UK for Christmas, will be expandable up to 6TB and feature a fully fledged web server so users can access content on their drive remotely from another location.

Users will also be able to share digital files, music, photos and video from any network PC as well as streaming content to an Xbox.

Furthermore HP has said that users will also be able to remotely access their files and applications from any internet connected PC.

Those concerned about backing up data will also be pleased to see that Windows Home Server software will also automatically back up any PC's hard drive image every night and only back up changes to the drive rather than every file.