HP has launched a new social networking service that hopes to overlay digital sight, sound and interactions with GPS enabled devices at its Making Connections event in Shanghai.

Called mscape, the new software uses GPS-enabled devices to help trigger text, images, sounds, audio and video in response to physical events such as location, proximity, time and movement.

The company hope that the service will encourage user to tell stories and "allow them to experience their surroundings".

The software, which is free to download from the company's website www.mscapers.com can work on any Windows Mobile device alongside a GPS receiver, including the company's range of iPAQ models.

"This is the first time HP has release software from its Labs programme in Beta for people to download free to use as they will", said Philip McKinney, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Personal Systems Group; General Manager, Gaming Business Unit.

Similar to Navman and its Navpics offering, HP has launched a range of games and Mscapes to get people started available for download on its website.

Users will be able to create and upload their own mediascapes to share with others.