HP has said that it follow Dell in creating a new PC range aimed at gamers following it buyout of VoodooPC last year.

“HP’s broad technology portfolio enables us to contribute in nearly every segment of the gaming market”, said Shane Robison, executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer, HP.

At a press conference in San Francisco, HP demonstrated some advanced technologies from HP Labs including a curved, seamless display that fills a gamer’s field of view for an incredibly immersive visual experience and a way to superimpose multimedia digital experiences on physical landscapes so people could, for example, play a game throughout a city using wireless handheld devices.

The company also demonstrated a “super projector” capable of high resolution, brightness, deep contrast and a wide colour gamut, ideal for projecting games for multiple players on a big screen.

"Gamers are early adopters and high-performance enthusiasts who can test drive advanced technologies that could someday be broadly applied to other computing capabilities”, said Rahul Sood, chief technology officer, Global Gaming Business Unit, HP.

“HP is focused on putting its Labs technologies into the hands of our gaming customers and partners to push the limits of today’s gaming experience and define new possibilities for the future.”

In September 2006, HP extended its reach into gaming with the acquisition of VoodooPC, an award-winning manufacturer of high-performance and personalized computer gaming systems. With the acquisition of VoodooPC, HP added the No. 1 premier lifestyle brand in gaming to its technology portfolio.