HP has announced the launch of a touchscreen home computer based on a concept design for an interactive table it has been working on for the past couple of years.

The new device with will be called the HP TouchsmartPC is the industry's first all-in-one PC based on Microsoft Windows Vista.

"We've been working closely with Microsoft for over 3 years developing the hardware with the new operating system", Rob Crampton told Pocket-lint. "Our competitors are over 18 months away from creating a Touch Screen, All-in-one PC running Vista on to shop shelves."

The new computer which sports an 19-inch widescreen display and optional built-in printer hopes to become the hub of the digital home and act like a notice board and information centre.

Although it runs the Windows Vista operating system, HP told us the traditional vision of the desktop computer isn't the focus here.

Instead it's an interface, which HP are calling SmartCenter, that is very much like Apple's Dashboard for OS10. A homepage which can be heavily customised by the user features diary dates, a digital notice board and options widgets like weather details or stock prices.

Users will also be able to view photographs and print them directly to a printer which docks at the back of the device.

Beyond the HP SmartCenter, the computer will come with a Vista remote control and personal video recorder offering with HD and SD TV programming.

The new computer is expected in the UK in the next couple of months.

HP has also announced the launch of its first Blu-ray disc drive, the HP bd135 Blu-ray Disc Writer.