HP has launched two new scanners designed to help you in digitising your old photos by splitting the image into six colours – red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and blue – instead of the usual three colours.

Each colour is sampled at 16 bits per pixel, which results in a 96-bit image with a resolution of 4800 x 9600 dpi.

HP has included technologies like an Adaptive Sharpening algorithm and advanced dust and scratch removal to make archiving easier.

HP Adaptive Sharpening takes into account both the sharpness of the scanner and the resolution of the scan, which results in sharper scans at high resolutions.

The dust and scratch removal technology works by scanning in two passes. One uses the standard lamp, and the other uses an infrared LED to create a map of areas with dust and scratches in order to remove them.

In addition, HP promises that the scanners have been optimised to scan legacy Kodachrome slides, as well as Ektachrome film.

The Scanjet G4050, the more expensive of the two, features a full-bed TMA for scanning film, and can scan 16 35mm slides and 30 35mm negative frames, as well as two medium format frames and one 4 x 5-inch frame.

Both scanners feature four easy buttons for Scan, Scan Film, Copy, and Scan to PDF.

The G4010 will be available for £129, while the G4050 costs around £200.