The Media Vault, a multifunction network storage device, has been brought by HP to he UK. The unit is designed to give users and easy way to manage, protect, and share data and multimedia files across a home network.

Available in two models, 300GB and 500GB, the Media Vault is designed to expand as the consumer's needs increase better than regular USB external hard disk drives.

SATA 2 hard disk drives are the basis for the system, and each device has one empty expansion bay to increase capacity up to 1.2 terabytes of storage. Protection is added with the inclusion of RAID backup, while fast speeds can be achieved both wired and wireless with Gigabit Ethernet support.

It comes with easy-to-use software to maintain regular backups of the computers on the network, and sports three USB ports for ease of connectivity. A built in print server also allows a user to share up to three USB printer in the network.

The Media Vault mv2010 is available for around £250, while the mv2020 will retail for £350.