Following the announcement in America two weeks ago, HP has announced in Europe a series of new products that it hopes will strengthen its share in the home entertainment arena. The main focus of the launch in Monte Carlo, was a new laptop and media centre PC, although that didn't stop the computer giant from launching a new 23in widescreen LCD and home cinema projector with built in DVD player.

The laptop - the DV1000 has a number of new features; a 14.1in widescreen LCD display, a 6-in-1 media reader, and a QuickPlay a system that allows users to access music and DVDs without the need for powering up windows. Pushing the home entertainment experience even further the dv1000 will also include Harman/Kardon speakers at the front of the unit. Available from October prices will start from £900 depending on what spec you finally opt for.

The new m1000 is HP's latest offering in the media centre pc market and while the form factor has yet to on take a different shape that a standard tower, Kevin Front, vp and general manager of consumer products stated that there would be “more interesting form factors like set top boxes coming next year.” The main new addition to the m1000 is the creation of a personal 160Gb external hard drive that you'll be able to take with you wherever you go. The Personal Media Drive, as its called slots into the front of the machine like a large cartridge and gives you instant plug and play access to files stored on the drive. For out and about there is a USB2.0 socket and an external power supply. It's an interesting idea an one that we here at Pocket-lint quite like the sound of. Again available in October the machine will be loaded with all the latest home entertainment gubbins including a creative Audigy 2 ZS card, wireless-g, tv tuner and 9-in-1 media card reader. HP is yet to set pricing for the m1000.

Other new additions to the HP entertainment range is the hf2304 23in high-definition LCD monitor. Similar in stature to Apple's cinema displays the unit will offer a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels however for most that will be very hard to achieve. Either way on first glance the image was very crisp on the demo unit we were shown.

HP also announced the ep9012 instant cinema digital projector with integrated DVD player and a 2.1 Dolby digital. Hp is aiming the unit at occasional projector users with the idea being that users would be able to take the unit anywhere and set it up very quickly without the need for lots of boxes and lots of cables. The ep9012 has two siblings the ep7112 and the ep7122 neither of which have the DVD player or the speakers. Expect to pay around £2000 for the ep9012 when it comes out later this year.