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(Pocket-lint) - Presidents' Day is right around the corner, and this year HP is pulling out all the stops with a brilliant sale that offers huge savings on some of its more highly-specced and popular laptops and computers.

You can find bargains right the way through the catalogue, so be sure to check out the full sale yourself on the HP store, but we've also picked out a selection of highlights to help you get a sense of how impressive the savings really are. Check them out, below!

HP ENVY 17t-ch000 Laptop PC touch optional

A good laptop is far harder to come by than it should be nowadays, with so many to pick from, but HP knows the sector in enormous detail and has crafted a winner in the form of this great 17-inch beauty, which is perfect for working and relaxing.

That huge display is ideal for multitasking while you're trying to stay productive, but it's also great for more recreational uses like watching some TV or a movie on the web. There's an SSD to store all your files as quickly as you'd like, and a powerful 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor to make sure that everything is as responsive as possible. With a whopping $320 discount it's the perfect pick for someone looking to get a new reliable laptop.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop TG01-2170m PC

Of course, you might already be sorted for a laptop, and instead be looking for something a little bit more stationary. A gaming PC is a great way of opening up a huge ecosystem of games and experiences, but they're also typically powerful in a way that benefits working from home, too.

This superb pre-built PC from HP takes out all the stress of researching individual components and having to build the thing yourself, packing a great build into a really sleek and attractive case. With a powerful AMD Radeon RX 5500 4GB GPU at its heart, meanwhile, you'll be able to play all the most recent releases with impressive graphical settings.

HP M27f FHD Monitor

If you're one of the millions of people who now work from home a lot more regularly than a couple of years ago, you might know the value of a good monitor for your home computer, and this is a really great choice from HP. It's full HD and crisp as you'd like, with a 27-inch display for loads of screen real-estate.

HP's Ease Eye technology ensures that it doesn't tire your eyes out even if you're using it all day, which is ideal for workers, while a slim and streamlined design looks nice and attractive on your desk or work surface, with a small profile. Finally, AMD's excellent FreeSync system means that you'll get smooth response times and no visual tearing even if you game on the display.

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