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(Pocket-lint) - Memorial Day is nearly upon us, and HP is marking the occasion with a tremendous sales event, bringing major price cuts to some of its most popular and impressive laptops, desktops, monitors and more.

You can view the sale range in full on HP's website, and we highly recommend giving it a browse so you can see what's going, but we've also taken a look through and picked out some real highlights for you to check out below. 

HP Laptop - 17t-by400

This is an absolutely great laptop that marries convenience with a great price to make a real case for itself. You get a huge 17-inch display that's perfect for home working or more leisurely activities, and a great full-size keyboard that'll make typing up your work super easy. 

It's also packed with quality on the inside, including a massive 1TB hard drive that'll have more than enough space for your files. An 11th-generation Intel processor means it all runs incredibly responsively, too. A handy discount brings it down from $729.99 to just $619.99.

OMEN 25L Desktop GT12-1335qd

If you're into gaming and want something a little beefier to help power your sessions, and to guarantee high resolutions and frame rates, this beautiful pre-built gaming PC is a must-have. It's great to look at, but even more impressive under the hood. 

There's a super-powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti crammed in there to ensure that ray traced graphics are firmly in your wheelhouse, and the sizeable 512GB SSD means you've got plenty of space to store your games, too. There's $100 off its regular price for Memorial Day, so pick it up soon!

HP X24c Gaming Monitor

Of course, picking up an amazing gaming rig is only half the battle - you'll want a top-class display to play your games on, to take advantage of the power you'll be working with.

This curved monitor from HP is a great size, 24 inches. It's easily big enough to immerse you in your games and offer loads of space for multitasking, but not so huge that it'll dominate a room. With a 144Hz refresh rate, you'll also experience new levels of smoothness on modern games. You can pick it up for just $229.99 right now, and be gaming like never before in no time. 

HP Pavilion 24-k1305st Bundle PC

Equally, though, you might prefer to go down a simpler route. If you're not that into gaming, but just want a super-solid all-in-one PC that can act as a family hub and workstation, HP has a great solution for you right here.

This superb AIO comes with a great mouse and keyboard, meaning you'll be delivered everything you need to immediately get up and running without worrying about peripherals and accessories. With a great 11th-gen Intel chip and absolutely acres of storage across a hard drive and an SSD, it's perfect for anything you need it to do, and even has great built-in speakers for when you want to watch some TV at the end of a long day. $100 off brings it down to just $999.99 for Memorial Day.