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(Pocket-lint) - HP's weekly deals are really reliable ways to get great savings on some of its most popular devices, from their top laptops to gaming hardware, printers and more. There's a particularly enticing set of deals on offer right now, too.

So, check out the full roster on the HP Store at your leisure, but do be sure to also read on - we've picked out some of the very best options from the weekly deals, right here. 

HPHP's weekly deals have some real gems to grab with discounts photo 3

HP ENVY Laptop - 17t-cg100

First up, this superb 17-inch laptop from HP is a perfect choice across a whole category of uses. For one thing, it's got a massive vibrant display that's great for watching TV or movies on, but is also expansive enough to be a great choice for working from home or studying, letting you multitask easily. 

With powerful Intel tech at its heart, you'll get great performance and plenty of quick storage, and a comfortable full-size keyboard to make working even easier. With $150 off, now's the time to buy!

HPHP's weekly deals have some real gems to grab with discounts photo 4

HP EliteDesk 805 G6 Desktop Mini PC

If you want a desktop computer but don't have much space to fit it in, there's a really attractive option on the table in the form of this EliteDesk model. It's classy and tiny, and you can spec it out to cater for whatever needs you might have. 

You can equip with a brilliant processor and incredibly quick storage to make sure that it blazes through whatever tasks you might have for it, and the discount HP has stuck on it this week is absolutely massive - it starts from just $790.35, more than $645 lower than its regular price, so this is one you absolutely need to check out before it disappears. 

HPHP's weekly deals have some real gems to grab with discounts photo 2

HP X27i 2K Gaming Monitor

If you already have a desktop, or want a monitor to take full advantage of your laptop's capabilities, this gaming unit could be a great choice - it's got some superb features that are really useful when you're gaming, but is also a great fit for more professional uses. 

At 27 inches, it's the perfect size in our view, and its 2K resolution is insanely crisp without crippling your computer on the graphical side, while a 144Hz refresh rate means that things are super smooth and satisfying on-screen. A $40 discount this week sweetens the deal even further. 

HPHP's weekly deals have some real gems to grab with discounts photo 5

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w

Last but far from least, a device that every home simply needs nowadays - a reliable printer. It's well worth picking up a laser printer, in our view, especially if you're tired of Inkjet models running dry unless they're constantly used. The Neverstop earns its name on that front, and is a real workhorse.

It's easy to wirelessly print to it from all your devices, and print quality is super high, along with fast speeds to make sure you're not sat around waiting for hours. Knocking $30 off its price means that HP's offering a great printer at a seriously tempting price, right here.